CHL offers a wide range of equipment including warehouse equipment, IC lifter and electric forklift trucks, forklift trucks and tractors. CHL is capable of providing complete solutions to your equipment needs.

CHL is a reliable partner for you. Based on a specialized production process, sustainable development and responsive operation, CHL wishes to become a well-known and always reliable partner.

CHL_ Work is easier! With CHL, you will be more successful.

About CHL Brand 047

CHL is the forklift brand of AFG, mainly providing reliable and affordable forklift trucks. Based on the AFG technology and equipment, CHL Forklift Quality is ranked as the top forklift brand in the Chinese market. Mass production lines reduce the cost, SAP system and production line to ensure high productivity. CHL promises to bring reliable and competitive products

Advantages of CHL Forklifts

More than 55 years of manufacturing experience

Advanced production process

Quality management system strict

Easy to operate and repair

Has a design team for the operation

The layout is reasonable for maintenance and repair

Easy to own

Cost savings

High quality, reduced cost for your work

Full accessories in stock, fast response.